Elle’s Music

More soon! Including a dark-electropop single! :D

W.I.P.: “One of My Ways” INTRO [ full / future lyrics here ]

I currently have two tracks that are coming along really well (finally – you probably don’t know me, but trust: it’s finally). I’m so happy to share this “preview” with you! Of course, I’m also continue working on the rest of it and moving beyond. Tell me if you think you can help genre-tize me better than maybe I can. So far, I’m thinking these sub-pop genres:

synth / electro pop, dance-pop, popstep, grime pop, avant-popaltpop

Also think of these albums/singles:

I Knew You Were Trouble” since The Fame from “All the Right Moves” during FutureSex/LoveSounds in a Blackout at 0304 a.m.
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Music Inspiration

Some of my inspiration / favorites.

With lyrics and themes inspired by feminism, individuality, pop culture, punk, folk and greatly by rap/hip hop.

Sure, with wompy wahnhs – I love ‘em! But without the current trends of drops, screeches, and even EDM quick / oontz-oontz beats. Strikeout = just dislike! … My music is (gonna be) mey. :)