Lyrics to "Shake yah Business"

by Noella Rose

Might get referred as: Shake It, Shake It Up

Family Safety: Mild Language and Mature Themes

Illustration reading: "You don't walk in other women's shorts"[Intro:]
Here goes (nothin’)
Here goes. Here I go.
Noddin’, noddin’
Shakin’, shakin’
Shake it off

[Verse 1:]
No one would listen
If you didn’t open your dirty mouth
(It sounds familiar)
They’ve got to see you
Today to tune in and hear you out
(We must work smarter)

[Pre-Chorus 1:]
You know it pays to shake it (shake it) up
But you don’t know another woman’s steps

(Shake it, shake it)

Shake it up
Shake it off
Break it down
Shake it up
Shake yah ass
If you want
Give ’em brain (Shake yah stuff)
Shake it off
Shake it up (and-)

[Post-Chorus 1:]

[Verse 2:]
They didn’t listen
Before she stripped down with twerky ass
(Naught to remember)
They’ve got to see more
Today it’s not an imprint, it’s blast
(Why not hit harder? [echo])

[Pre-Chorus 2:]
You know it pays to shake it (shake it) up
But you don’t walk in other women’s shorts


[repeat CHORUS]
Br-brr break it down

[Middle 8 pt 1:]
It’s not personal; it’s business
It’s not shameful [echo] (It’s not)
It’s not personal (personal); it’s business
It’s not shameful; it’s ambitious [echo]

[Middle 8 pt 2:]
(And in) And in this world
We work more to be heard [echo]

And in this world (and in this world)
Women better be heard [echo]

(And in this- and in this world)
And I’m dead if unheard, so- [echo]

[Pre-Chorus 3:]
(I love to shake it up)
So I’ll shake it and shake it up

(Oh-ohh up)
And, and

[repeat CHORUS] and dance
[repeat CHORUS]* and breathe
[repeat CHORUS]* (do you) and work

Shake it up and take it up, up, up.

*With more “ad-lib” -style phrases.

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