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Improved Sample & Lyrics for my Coming-Soon Song

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After posting my last sample blissfully, just a tad too blissfully unaware of a small issue, I shortly noticed I needed to improve a portion. Instead of quickly preparing a basic replacement, I got to work on nearly finishing the mix, plus other prep. :)

some lyrics "Shake Yah Business" song textHow I let a couple of “matching” lines not match each other in volume, I don’t know, other than excitement and pushing myself to get all that stuff up. I heard the flaw soon after and “fixed the levels” but then worked on so much more. :D

I didn’t just spruce up a new and slightly longer sample quicker because I want to get all the DAW time in I can. This finished track is my #1 priority for now. Now with my “proper” studio speakers, I’ve been working on the mix of the song as a whole. That did mean cleaning up a few things, thanks speakers! But I’m getting close to finishing. :)

Oh and oy, the hectic holidays… amirite?? I didn’t even think about prepping another blog post recently. I’ll try to soon amidst a whole excited frenzy of other work and holiday lights. :) See you around this Internet town! ;)


New-Gear Drama

When I knew I was done (e)composing this-song-o-mine, had some mixing in, and was thinking about seriously finishing up / ensuring all was great – (reading/watching) technical insider blah-blah-chat… made me sure it was time to order some “proper” speakers called studio monitors.

Keep Calm You've Got Rythm and Music

I and many others would think that getting and spending the money might be the tough part for many tiny musos, but apparently my real gear drama started after the first shipment (yep, first shipment…) arrived. Continue reading


New site design, music sample, photos + more soon

Yes, as promised I’ve been work-work-bitch-workin’! But without further ado… First, about the most important, but less visually obvious, music!

New: New Music!

Doodle Arrow by Elle Rose

→ It’s also over there for a while. ;)

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(& before/optionally, a tester track for those who like giving feedback):

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New: Website Design!

Old | New

Old Layout Screenshot → Current Layout Screenshot - Because it just looks better in the post this way ;)

I wanted to save, for posterity, my favorite part of the old artwork that still had to go:

Old Art PunkRock inspired graphic Elle L Rose Continue reading


Wussup … is Work, Bitch! :)

In my music-creation workflow, I may be developing a habit of hitting a “block” somewhere around the composition/mixing (I have my own blend, really) of the first chorus. Eep. I do know this music production stuff has been getting easier and faster, but I definitely sometimes feel like I’m hitting my head against a wall.

Britney Spears Work Bitch video capture motivational desktop wallpaper

I set this as my desktop wallpaper. Motivation, bitch!

I figured a cause of this with my down-mood “One of My Ways” (soundcloud snippet / lyrics) was its separation from my #1 aural love: dance-y pop. Thus, I bent/changed a silent rule I gave myself, which was to work on one song until finished or abandoned. I know myself pretty well (yes, it’s a feat) and based on my past problem of starting new crafty projects instead of finishing … any* … I thought this was best.

My new rule is: I should work on two tracks so when I feel composer’s block, I can still attempt to work as many hours in “my studio.”

So far, success is in sight. It really has been going well with this more booty-shaking other song. I just wrapped up about seven days of difficult, “hair-pulling” love/hate of the project and I sure have drastically changed the structure (and more) of the newer WIP.

As of this morning, after several days of wired (Excedrin) marathons of “DAW” tweaking, a really large chunk has finally come together! When that includes the first verse and chorus, it’s super motivating knowing the bulk of what’s to come is largely laid out for me.


Tracktion Shakeyahbiz1

Proof even … well, sorta.

*OK, almost. But still, music will be so different. Especially as I carve out my own steadier flow. :D


New Intro to my WIP & Newsletter Bug Fixed

Don’t worry, in these past months I’ve worked on (much) more music than these several bars. Haha. (In addition to apartment hunting, moving [twice], unpacking, making due in a temporary small space with less stuff, and more. So nwah to even my own brain goin’ 0-O at me.)

I promised a new teaser with the “enhanced,” (down) mood-setting, unfolding layers of the intro; plus I do want a more accurate snippet out than what’s been up. After playing with a somewhat longer intro, I cut it even shorter than the original, but kept it true to myself and still longer than the modern trend. :-)

Time was never wasted with big efforts on the “cutting room” floor because I’m still learning a lot about all the computer music stuff; software and beyond. Eventually I’ll probably even be un-slow (but not too fast, of course). :-)

Without further ado…

Snippet: New Intro to “One of My Ways”

And of course that’s not all “she” wrote, or that’s down on tape (woot) … but I have additional small news:

Bug Fix alert! Story short…

After confirming my “newsletter signup” plugin functioned, I later went on to break it without knowing. *wanh wanh* I finally decided to give it a “routine” checkup and big fail! All fixed now though! So if you happened to have trouble attempting signup before or just think you’d like to ensure early notification of my finished first song (and hopefully more) please sign up! (I hate spam!!!)


A quick subscribe box is to the upper right, or you can use this fuller-featured page here.


What I’ve Been Down to…

Up to? Clearly not “much.” ;-)

It’s my life, like I’m used to it. Or else you’d probably “know me” anyway.

But what have I been down to? (Subtle fix? No?)

- Music:

music preview

The work I did on improving (IMHO) my WIP intro last fucking winter, is not all that mentionable right now, since it’s almost next fucking winter. It’s also just an intro and it can’t be complete without a small amount of new vocal flair I haven’t recorded yet – for sure, at least. I’ve only done sound/record testing, which was still inconclusive.

That means I did start working on my new potential speudo-studio in my current space. Much to do and on a dime, while struggling with my brain’s whim-moods and up/down life. Ah, I’ll be OK.

To quote myself from what I just wrote for the (new/current) home page “status:”

Honesty time: I suck at getting certain “shit” done! I’m also totally solo playing a computer, not an instrument. It’s hard in here. ;-P

It’s not like there’s NO good excuse though…

- Apartment hunt and moving (un-packing, decorating, etc.):

While I’m not going to give out a ton of personal info, I can actually say I’ve accomplished things here. It was an unusually long hunt (trying to stay in Mass although certain conditions made CT  “seem” like the option, sorry CT). Then a move, and I’ve grown into a person who can actually clean up, keep tidy and fucking decorate “like a boss” (a Martha Stewart / magazine-cover bitch-boss!).

Halloween Mantel

The interior design photos did not turn out as well as reality. Makes sense, but so annoying.

That is (neat, un-disgusting yet still rebelliously feminist) until I blow my back out while crafting, painting artsy stuff, or simply playing with my toys like a kid. (Yes we can*, kiddies, but note I did my chores first!)

Then it can still go to shit for a while, just like when I get a bad now-typical period and want everything to just get fucked.

Picky Cat

Like society, the patriarchy, “grown-up” foods, “healthy eating,” “working out,” PayPal, Google “one login” and all shared social logins. *Charlie Brown argh*

That caption reminds me…

- I lost weight (note; before Thanksgiving):

OK, full bitch-ass disclosure, it actually didn’t take up that much time. Everyone’s different, and I think that is the difficult secret (no “one trick” nopenopenope) to weight loss or healthy blahblah or whatever.

I’m partially more like my old teenaged self; one of those girls you hate. Although, don’t worry, I don’t look it (that thin). I look normal. But I do eat like “a bird,” a bird addicted to cookies and Coca Cola … and birds are pretty round, but you still hate that bird because it’s not that round or getting any bigger, and you’re all, “what the fuck, bird?”

There are a lot of little changes I made that may only work for me, sorry. That out of the way; yes, I actually lost kind of a lot for my height. And the BMI test bot was like, “OK! That’s healthy … but wait, what size pants, bitch? You’re so short; I’ve got my “eye” on you…” Yes, I found a particularly effed-up BMI test with coders who don’t know much about pants (they’re for legs and butts, not waists!). Sigh…

- Other projects:

I did some fashion blogging, some doll-craft stuff, contemplated doing comedy … and practiced general trying to “find myself.” Which is a lie; that merely means trying to make a fucking buck in this ablist, ass-backwards society… But yeah, I did stuff, at least.

That’s a full-time job, with zero benefits. So then I get discouraged and go play dolls.

I also hung/hang with a cute doggie, fams, love, self, books, sweeeet television, and other fab things. Rockin’.

Dori,the current family Bichon

I get to hug this doggie!

Sometimes I think my life is fucking awesome and free … but then I want to buy something, with money.

Happy holidays!!!

*Yeah, adults have responsibilities but can reward ourselves with toys or even candy. Yes, there are still consequences. I’m a broke-ass “artist” with bad teeth, so don’t decide to be me just yet. … And brush your teeth; your parent’s are not even kidding.

And, kids, why are you reading this sweary site? Go watch teevee or something…