Wussup … is Work, Bitch! :)

In my music-creation workflow, I may be developing a habit of hitting a “block” somewhere around the composition/mixing (I have my own blend, really) of the first chorus. Eep. I do know this music production stuff has been getting easier and faster, but I definitely sometimes feel like I’m hitting my head against a wall.

Britney Spears Work Bitch video capture motivational desktop wallpaper

I set this as my desktop wallpaper. Motivation, bitch!

I figured a cause of this with my down-mood “One of My Ways” (soundcloud snippet / lyrics) was its separation from my #1 aural love: dance-y pop. Thus, I bent/changed a silent rule I gave myself, which was to work on one song until finished or abandoned. I know myself pretty well (yes, it’s a feat) and based on my past problem of starting new crafty projects instead of finishing … any* … I thought this was best.

My new rule is: I should work on two tracks so when I feel composer’s block, I can still attempt to work as many hours in “my studio.”

So far, success is in sight. It really has been going well with this more booty-shaking other song. I just wrapped up about seven days of difficult, “hair-pulling” love/hate of the project and I sure have drastically changed the structure (and more) of the newer WIP.

As of this morning, after several days of wired (Excedrin) marathons of “DAW” tweaking, a really large chunk has finally come together! When that includes the first verse and chorus, it’s super motivating knowing the bulk of what’s to come is largely laid out for me.


Behind my music

Proof even … well, sorta.

*OK, almost. But still, music will be so different. Especially as I carve out my own steadier flow. :D

New Intro to my WIP & Newsletter Bug Fixed

Don’t worry, in these past months I’ve worked on (much) more music than these several bars. Haha. (In addition to apartment hunting, moving [twice], unpacking, making due in a temporary small space with less stuff, and more. So nwah to even my own brain goin’ 0-O at me.)

I promised a new teaser with the “enhanced,” (down) mood-setting, unfolding layers of the intro; plus I do want a more accurate snippet out than what’s been up. After playing with a somewhat longer intro, I cut it even shorter than the original, but kept it true to myself and still longer than the modern trend. :-)

Time was never wasted with big efforts on the “cutting room” floor because I’m still learning a lot about all the computer music stuff; software and beyond. Eventually I’ll probably even be un-slow (but not too fast, of course). :-)

Without further ado…

Snippet: New Intro to “One of My Ways”

And of course that’s not all “she” wrote, or that’s down on tape (woot) … but I have additional small news:

Bug Fix alert! Story short…

After confirming my “newsletter signup” plugin functioned, I later went on to break it without knowing. *wanh wanh* I finally decided to give it a “routine” checkup and big fail! All fixed now though! So if you happened to have trouble attempting signup before or just think you’d like to ensure early notification of my finished first song (and hopefully more) please sign up! (I hate spam!!!)


A quick subscribe box is to the upper right, or you can use this fuller-featured page here.

What I’ve Been Down to…

Up to? Clearly not “much.” ;-)

It’s my life, like I’m used to it. Or else you’d probably “know me” anyway.

But what have I been down to? (Subtle fix? No?)

- Music:

music preview

The work I did on improving (IMHO) my WIP intro last fucking winter, is not all that mentionable right now, since it’s almost next fucking winter. It’s also just an intro and it can’t be complete without a small amount of new vocal flair I haven’t recorded yet – for sure, at least. I’ve only done sound/record testing, which was still inconclusive.

That means I did start working on my new potential speudo-studio in my current space. Much to do and on a dime, while struggling with my brain’s whim-moods and up/down life. Ah, I’ll be OK.

To quote myself from what I just wrote for the (new/current) home page “status:”

Honesty time: I suck at getting certain “shit” done! I’m also totally solo playing a computer, not an instrument. It’s hard in here. ;-P

It’s not like there’s NO good excuse though…

- Apartment hunt and moving (un-packing, decorating, etc.):

While I’m not going to give out a ton of personal info, I can actually say I’ve accomplished things here. It was an unusually long hunt (trying to stay in Mass although certain conditions made CT  “seem” like the option, sorry CT). Then a move, and I’ve grown into a person who can actually clean up, keep tidy and fucking decorate “like a boss” (a Martha Stewart / magazine-cover bitch-boss!).

Halloween Mantel

The interior design photos did not turn out as well as reality. Makes sense, but so annoying.

That is (neat, un-disgusting yet still rebelliously feminist) until I blow my back out while crafting, painting artsy stuff, or simply playing with my toys like a kid. (Yes we can*, kiddies, but note I did my chores first!)

Then it can still go to shit for a while, just like when I get a bad now-typical period and want everything to just get fucked.

Picky Cat

Like society, the patriarchy, “grown-up” foods, “healthy eating,” “working out,” PayPal, Google “one login” and all shared social logins. *Charlie Brown argh*

That caption reminds me…

- I lost weight (note; before Thanksgiving):

OK, full bitch-ass disclosure, it actually didn’t take up that much time. Everyone’s different, and I think that is the difficult secret (no “one trick” nopenopenope) to weight loss or healthy blahblah or whatever.

I’m partially more like my old teenaged self; one of those girls you hate. Although, don’t worry, I don’t look it (that thin). I look normal. But I do eat like “a bird,” a bird addicted to cookies and Coca Cola … and birds are pretty round, but you still hate that bird because it’s not that round or getting any bigger, and you’re all, “what the fuck, bird?”

There are a lot of little changes I made that may only work for me, sorry. That out of the way; yes, I actually lost kind of a lot for my height. And the BMI test bot was like, “OK! That’s healthy … but wait, what size pants, bitch? You’re so short; I’ve got my “eye” on you…” Yes, I found a particularly effed-up BMI test with coders who don’t know much about pants (they’re for legs and butts, not waists!). Sigh…

- Other projects:

I did some fashion blogging, some doll-craft stuff, contemplated doing comedy … and practiced general trying to “find myself.” Which is a lie; that merely means trying to make a fucking buck in this ablist, ass-backwards society… But yeah, I did stuff, at least.

That’s a full-time job, with zero benefits. So then I get discouraged and go play dolls.

I also hung/hang with a cute doggie, fams, love, self, books, sweeeet television, and other fab things. Rockin’.

Dori,the current family Bichon

I get to hug this doggie!

Sometimes I think my life is fucking awesome and free … but then I want to buy something, with money.

Happy holidays!!!

*Yeah, adults have responsibilities but can reward ourselves with toys or even candy. Yes, there are still consequences. I’m a broke-ass “artist” with bad teeth, so don’t decide to be me just yet. … And brush your teeth; your parent’s are not even kidding.

And, kids, why are you reading this sweary site? Go watch teevee or something…

Thoughts (& Jokes) on CBS / Grammy Dress Code

I could have risked publishing a manic mess with my many thoughts over the leaked CBS Standards & Practices email to music stars and insiders. (Cue nerves and a lot of time / work.) Days of pondering specifics of the new Grammy dress code, from protest to wish list and beyond, sidetracked me from my planned couture fantasies. I’ve been angered and Inspired by – what I’ll call – “1 Shade of Gray’s Anatomy;” combined with a vague free-advertising ban; totaling a policy more conservative than grocery stores, modern non-cable prime-time and even 80s MTV (Cher, Cher, Cher, as seen in this article).

Beyonce Super Bowl costume problematic

It’s going to be difficult to not be “problematic.” (It’s been wondered whether Beyoncé’s costume with “smooth” side-crotch would be too risky for CBS.)

Please be sure that buttocks and female breasts are adequately covered. Thong type costumes are problematic. Please avoid exposing bare fleshy under curves of the buttocks and buttock crack. Bare sides or under curvature of the breasts is also problematic. Please avoid sheer see-through clothing that could  possibly expose female breast nipples. Please be sure the genital region is adequately covered so that there is no visible “puffy” bare skin exposure. Please avoid commercial identification of actual brand name products on T-shirts. Foreign language on wardrobe will need to be cleared. OBSCENITY OR PARTIALLY SEEN OBSCENITY ON WARDROBE IS UNACCEPTABLE FOR BROADCAST. This as well, pertains to audience members that appear on camera. Finally, The Network requests that any organized cause visibly spelled out on talent’s wardrobe be avoided. This would include lapel pins or any other form of accessory.

I now realize it’s a slippery slope to the burka shop.
Sadly, a lot of Internet commenters agree with banning skin. They also align music’s trend of “sexiness” with a lack of talent instead of things like art, freedom, America, good self image, and free fucking speech.

Please no one forget what else is banned: organized messages… What’s next? (And is it even clear what that means?) Musicians aren’t supposed to be the same as actors (often pretty performers with one to three skills) many are writers passionate to express, first and foremost (believe it or not – and vocal gymnasts or not).

This is quite unfortunate in my eyes. The taboo of nudity is fallacy. 

Continue reading

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About Me and my Taste: My Top 10 Songs of 2012

As a potential musical figure, I try to not complain publicly about specific artists (because I don’t want to get rap-feudy). It would just scare me; I don’t want backlash. So this really will be only my favorites from this … bleak year. ;-) And also, just charting singles, partially ’cause I’m poor and a lot of people know these well, too.

I really wanted to format this beautifully and add a comment for each, but I’ve had a lot to do and I also want this post up early for you to learn about me been super busy and ran out of time. So, without graphic ado…

10. Maroon 5 – Payphone
9. Katy Perry – Wide Awake
8. Gotye – Somebody That I Used to Know [rank hurt by grammatical error]
7. Adele – Rolling in the Deep
6. Psy – Gangnam Style
5. Ellie Goulding – Lights
4. Jason Mraz – I Won’t Give Up
3. Adele – Set Fire to the Rain
2. Phillip Phillips Phillipson (oops, sorry) – Home

1. Alex Clare – Too Close

Alex ClareIt’s my perfect sound right now. Popstep-rock. Expect me to aim for this sound sometimes, along with (general) pop and some uptempo rock (which makes me picture the catwalk, and is thus inspirational and I just love it).

I love the music so much I don’t even like (/”get”*) the message (/words) and it’s still my #1. That’s MAY JOR, folks.

*I mean, “too close to love?” I envision it’s something like his girlfriend started peeing with the door open and he lost all his boners, and that’s not cool with me. I like marriageable dudes, and we all know marriageisthisclose, right? Ah well, just a song, not a date. :-)

Sounds I loved in a year of the soundtrack to Pyscho (Ri, RI, RII!) … Sigh.

Here’s to 2013!!!

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(Free Friday) In love with: “Radio” by Mansions on the Moon [track]

This amazeballs song has definitely made the rounds in the blogosphere, but I’m just starting my blog and this is an absolute must-own-and-replay for most music fans.

This anti-mainstream/label-products message tune is not just for those who hated 2012 pop and “rock,” it’s particularly poignant for musicians:

Mansions on the Moon - RadioPut it up for sale
We’ve got to write it down
Box it up, ship it out
Lock it down or give it away
And if it doesn’t sell
We’ve got to switch it up
Move it around
Because the people want it that way
Because you(‘ve)
heard it on the radio
Doesn’t make it beautiful
[correct me]

Like probably everyone who downloads this, initially I had the song on repeat for about a whole day. Now a short while later, when I hear it start up, I just. get. soooo. hap.py.

Currently available for free download right from the band homepage on the top left (perfection, guys, and a lesson for others).

Yep, geek moment (design & marketing). Compare their placement’s awesome savvy-showcase to my (temporarily just a snippet) stream on the right, but remember, they have two sidebars – so with my one’s placement, I think I’m still designing well. :-)

Also note it might be hard to notice the free download aspect of their “Radio” track “forefront” promotion; please hover the single cover on their site or use SoundCloud’s “arrow” icon, above. :-)


Also available for download on their music page is Foster the People “Life on the Nickel”  Remix by Mansions on the Moon. That one’s not bad, itself.

BTW, I’m moving next week, but will have posts and no lapse in ISP! Next Friday is homecoming, after a loong drive! I won’t have a download link prepared that week, or even every week necessarily, but I do hope to publish bits about my journey although I’ll be otherwise occupied. :-)

Via / Related, awesome post from the blogosphere:
Loose Lips “My feelings would best be expressed in song.”

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Blogging: Not for Tired or even Wired, it’s About Timing Energy JustThisRight

NotepadThis site is new but I’ve been blogging since late 2004 (earlier if suck counts). With a new site I tend to encounter a specific writer’s block. I love putting the layout together, solving problems and adding/tweaking the extras and invisible-but-important stuff. Then there’s this weird more than blank-page effect on me.

My tip to combat that is to never put off drafting or finishing posts until after the layout, if you do the designing.

Then there’s the day-to-day stuff; the too-sick-to-write today. I’ve been occasionally there for years. The biggest thing I’ve learned is that I can’t write too tired. I love staying up late, and when I’ve been up for 16 hours, maybe more, occasionally less; I’m still good for other things. I can be very productive with graphics, code, now even laying audio tracks on my computer (W00t!!). Sometimes I can zombie through a cranky ill feeling out of determination (obsession) and get ALL the bugs out of  site code. I might even craft a few lyrics or a dress sketch in my dreams. I go through occasional periods when I’m a lyrics machine, like I’ve taken my lyric fiber aplenty.

But I just cannot write an article, or even casual blog post, late at night. Or “my” night, whatever that is that day.

Of course I’m not a morning person either.

And first things first like everyone else. Maybe check a social site, two or even email (ha). A Facebook game if I’m not currently sick of them. A couple potty trips, a face wash, a “morning” beverage (or soda, fuck it). Then breakfast, or a bit later, depending on how “full” I was at bedtime.

Sooner or later, I’m awake and ready to work, especially on the days I got to sleep “in” or do build energy. I hate the taste of coffee, so it’s not a given for me to get there. And once I’m ready to be productive, I’ve decided my priority (yours could be your similar no-night task).

I now know the plan must be: writing first (or current step in this morning routine). Not poetry, the “work” stuff. I love writing, but blogging is also a bit more work than some other arts. And no, not the promotion or tech stuff, that’s breezy fun (still not play, fuckers).

Not after lunch (the 2:30 feeling), not after even the important and challenging tasks of laying tracks (can’t be a rockstar without it, but it can – shock – wait measly hours): the my fucking morning.

This morning (and it’s real morning to boot) I’m luckier than most. I awoke with ideas, not for a purse sketch (fashion design is one of my crazy lusts) or a song, but practically a whole blog post. Sweet as pie.

And here it is. … Meh, it’ll do.

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