Elle Laurel Rose Bio

Elle Laurel Rose BioElle’s song, “Shake Yah Business” is out now!!!

Elle Laurel Rose is a sprouting singer, songwriter and producer from Boston, MA, crafting electronically in gritty pop and R&B styles.  A practiced lyricist and blooming PC-composer, Elle writes the words and melodies then digitally mixes drum beats, altered loops and sound effects.  She loves a dance/top 40 pop sound, but with her darker themes and attitude, Elle’s named her niche Edge Pop.

Since she was a young child in the “south shore” of Massachusetts, Elle was mad for performing, arts, and the spotlight.  At 12 she began writing poetry and lyrics, honing skill for melodic hooks. She shifted from Broadway aspirations to singer/songwriter dreams.  “This sounds so sheltered, and I was, but I suddenly just realized singers could write what they perform. That made all the difference to me. I wanted to create, make art.”

Elle soon picked up guitar and then keyboards but didn’t feel right with acoustic composition, feel or sound. While struggling instrumentally in a then more analog world, Elle searched for her musical stride with stubborn perfectionism.  She looked into songwriting partnerships but was sure she already had great music trapped in her mind.  Finally Elle discovered music production software, taught herself from basics on up, and today lays tracks, practices technique, and aims to improve speed without risking quality.

At the same time, Elle has had to work on health and life issues related to her bipolar disorder, which had gone long misdiagnosed.  She also attended college courses and worked as an entrepreneur, blogger, and web/graphic designer; but didn’t fit into a normal, working life.  She never would or could – this freeing realization struck and Elle leapt into music full-time.  Going “with” the broke she was, Elle invested her soul to music, art, and advocacy through her voice.

Time invested in learning music software was not to scare Elle, and studio-hermit time is paying off, first with her debut track, “Shake Yah Business.” Alt-pop seeped its way into this moody track due to lyrical tone, but Elle is working on other sounds and attitudes as well.

Life is currently a blissful frenzy of music work and plans for Elle, which is already a dream come true. Stay tuned for great things and #WatchThisSpace!