ElleNote: my formal bio is almost complete! I want it to be solid and polished before I publish, so I don’t have to upload several times in different spots.

I will probably add my real bio shortly after I share my first completely finished track. It may be before because the below joke is old and confusing, but I wanted to apologize in case there is a time lapse. (It really is not yet finished.) My wish for sharing that track is now around early February ’14, but will. be. soon!

TBA. TBD. (It’s a joke! Read on… [Updated:]) In the meantime, I’ve taken the new default WordPress text and altered it to better suit me. Hey, sometimes laziness prioritizing pays off because I get on to lay down tracks! (No music bio without music, they’d probably say.) Enjoy!
Hi there! I’m a bike messenger person? (sometimes sleeper) by day, aspiring actor singer-songwriter by all night, many nights (I also dream of fashion design – and I currently write words and design things for the web) and this is my official site, blog, and stuff. I was born, then raised and now reside in in Los Angeles, MA, but lived in South Florida for 5 years. (Oops: I dislike any extreme temp., and apparently can’t stand humidity, sunshine or big, nasty bugs [whooops]. Also, I’m an English language nut, so I walked into a nightmare. I can say about FL: nice people, nice malls.) I really missed New England eats, and though we’re too broke to go nuts with ice cream and restaurants, I’m happy back in my beloved home state. (And, yes, I do love snow and finally found appreciation for winter; thanks to perspective, cape-coat layerability and extreme love of accessories.) I have had a great dog (and baby) named Charlotte, and now hang with my parent’s co-custody dog, Dori. I do like piña coladas (And gettin’ caught in the rain and watching the snow) but prefer strawberry daiquiris or just no alcohol. I’ll also have a Coke and rum, heavy on the Coke. I do love soda, but fit in some flavored water for health and to reduce, ehm, bubbles. I also love MA apple cider, which is my hot drink of choice for the voice. Cocoa for the cold weather, with peppermint and no lactose. Yeah, I’m a sucky womanchild. I hate coffee and tea. And spices. I’m sometimes unbearable, but I love me. … Hopefully I do make decent stuff (like poetry, art, statements, unique cusses* and maybesomecommercialshitsorry) like I think I do, and I hope you’ll like it. (And soon!)

*If you’re nice maybe I’ll share. Hint: I say butt-related things a lot. Hey, my bottom has been a big part of my life. Are you ready for my jelly?