Thoughts (& Jokes) on CBS / Grammy Dress Code

The E! Red Carpet special has already started gearing up by publish time (Eek! / Oops! Damn cramps!) but…

My Grammy ’13 Wardrobe Wishlist:

  • A burka
  • Dress / suit emblazoned with Klingon. Good luck, motherfuckers!
  • One dude to participate in mocking CBS’ delivery with a gross gag.
  • Someone figure out if we (they, of course I mean they!) can wear monogrammed purses. (Hard to avoid logos and nudity at same time.)
  • A humorous or sexy “school-girl” outfit. (A play on “uniforms.”)
  • To NOT see Ke$ha behave.
  • Lady GaGa to agree and rock my world.

Below photos of Lady GaGa and Cher from ecouterre (main) and LA Times (insert).

GaGa Cher Problematic

Protest, bitches!!!

Art, freedom, America, good self image, and free fucking speech!

- Elle Laurel Rose
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