(Free Friday) In love with: “Radio” by Mansions on the Moon [track]

This amazeballs song has definitely made the rounds in the blogosphere, but I’m just starting my blog and this is an absolute must-own-and-replay for most music fans.

This anti-mainstream/label-products message tune is not just for those who hated 2012 pop and “rock,” it’s particularly poignant for musicians:

Mansions on the Moon - RadioPut it up for sale
We’ve got to write it down
Box it up, ship it out
Lock it down or give it away
And if it doesn’t sell
We’ve got to switch it up
Move it around
Because the people want it that way
Because you(‘ve)
heard it on the radio
Doesn’t make it beautiful
[correct me]

Like probably everyone who downloads this, initially I had the song on repeat for about a whole day. Now a short while later, when I hear it start up, I just. get. soooo. hap.py.

Currently available for free download right from the band homepage on the top left (perfection, guys, and a lesson for others).

Yep, geek moment (design & marketing). Compare their placement’s awesome savvy-showcase to my (temporarily just a snippet) stream on the right, but remember, they have two sidebars – so with my one’s placement, I think I’m still designing well. 🙂

Also note it might be hard to notice the free download aspect of their “Radio” track “forefront” promotion; please hover the single cover on their site or use SoundCloud’s “arrow” icon, above. 🙂


Also available for download on their music page is Foster the People “Life on the Nickel”  Remix by Mansions on the Moon. That one’s not bad, itself.

BTW, I’m moving next week, but will have posts and no lapse in ISP! Next Friday is homecoming, after a loong drive! I won’t have a download link prepared that week, or even every week necessarily, but I do hope to publish bits about my journey although I’ll be otherwise occupied. 🙂

Via / Related, awesome post from the blogosphere:
Loose Lips “My feelings would best be expressed in song.”

- Elle Laurel Rose
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