New Tuesday: Ally Rhodes “Conversations with a Ghost”

Ally R. Conversations...Ally Rhodes is a singer-songwriter, in that very non-genre with the still¬†unmistakable¬†soft rock sound, with impressive vocals fronting her acoustic tunes. When I first viewed her on YouTube, I silently predicted she will be a big star, just from her voice, presence and emotive style. (That was this month, so we’re still waiting!) The tracks on her unsigned-release record match in quality, to boot.

Her closest famous vocal comparison has got to be Sara Bareilles, minus the piano and plus a guitar, but the style and voice bears similarity in sound and quality.

The music’s good, so spend the ~$10 if you’ve got it, but what will impress you even more about Ally is her live performing. Follow on YouTube and you’ll agree, she’s likely to make it big.

Of course, that’ll only make you want to invest in her music, if you can. The CD is available for purchase on BigCartel. You can also get mp3s from iTunes and mp3s or the CD on Amazon.

- Elle Laurel Rose
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