Blogging: Not for Tired or even Wired, it’s About Timing Energy JustThisRight

NotepadThis site is new but I’ve been blogging since late 2004 (earlier if suck counts). With a new site I tend to encounter a specific writer’s block. I love putting the layout together, solving problems and adding/tweaking the extras and invisible-but-important stuff. Then there’s this weird more than blank-page effect on me.

My tip to combat that is to never put off drafting or finishing posts until after the layout, if you do the designing.

Then there’s the day-to-day stuff; the too-sick-to-write today. I’ve been occasionally there for years. The biggest thing I’ve learned is that I can’t write too tired. I love staying up late, and when I’ve been up for 16 hours, maybe more, occasionally less; I’m still good for other things. I can be very productive with graphics, code, now even laying audio tracks on my computer (W00t!!). Sometimes I can zombie through a cranky ill feeling out of determination (obsession) and get ALL the bugs out of  site code. I might even craft a few lyrics or a dress sketch in my dreams. I go through occasional periods when I’m a lyrics machine, like I’ve taken my lyric fiber aplenty.

But I just cannot write an article, or even casual blog post, late at night. Or “my” night, whatever that is that day.

Of course I’m not a morning person either.

And first things first like everyone else. Maybe check a social site, two or even email (ha). A Facebook game if I’m not currently sick of them. A couple potty trips, a face wash, a “morning” beverage (or soda, fuck it). Then breakfast, or a bit later, depending on how “full” I was at bedtime.

Sooner or later, I’m awake and ready to work, especially on the days I got to sleep “in” or do build energy. I hate the taste of coffee, so it’s not a given for me to get there. And once I’m ready to be productive, I’ve decided my priority (yours could be your similar no-night task).

I now know the plan must be: writing first (or current step in this morning routine). Not poetry, the “work” stuff. I love writing, but blogging is also a bit more work than some other arts. And no, not the promotion or tech stuff, that’s breezy fun (still not play, fuckers).

Not after lunch (the 2:30 feeling), not after even the important and challenging tasks of laying tracks (can’t be a rockstar without it, but it can – shock – wait measly hours): the my fucking morning.

This morning (and it’s real morning to boot) I’m luckier than most. I awoke with ideas, not for a purse sketch (fashion design is one of my crazy lusts) or a song, but practically a whole blog post. Sweet as pie.

And here it is. … Meh, it’ll do.

- Elle Laurel Rose
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