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All about music and love and the Internet.
…boring, probably…

…which doesn’t hurt my songwriting/making at all, but a newsy / story-slanted blog? Yeps!

“Ouch,” says the blog.

OK, ok! 😉 On with the post.

 Music Love Life by Elle Rose

It’s fine for music work in general, though. I have a lot to do; mostly computer, solitary stuff. I’ve been laying down good stuff in my DAW … whoop whoop!

…Great life to live, but still not some insta-flash-gram, juicy life, and that can matter to the world. I’ve sort of always embraced my un-cool individuality but still I know I need to get out there, beyond the occasional glossy Photo(shop) shoot, which isn’t even the kind of out there I really mean.

For one thing, I’ve been reading pleas for more actual photos of women in music tech (yes, I’m one, hi!) but I quickly realized how taking such pictures as selfies can get tricky, even old, really fast.

Female self-producer, Elle, in studio with music tech gear

Why hide these eyes? … Oh yeah, ‘cos all my selfies seem the same. 😉

Studio wardrobe, for me, not varied or so interesting. (While my “outside” wardrobe, when not mostly winter gear, is on fuckin’ fleek!) Then there’s my home / budget / electronic / alternative studio; it doesn’t have all the hallmarks people expect in music/production pictures. For some women working under regular-folk conditions, sharing even our gear list brings criticism and questioning.

We really just want you to listen … right? We don’t even need to impress you with info of talent trumping expectations about gear prices and ladybrains. That’s complicated and unfair. Our photos also often attract focus on wardrobe and makeup/beauty anyway (instead of intelligent contextual response). Yay, more of that … not.

I do want to throw my hat(-wearing) self(ies) up online / into the “ring.” And even though I don’t know if they can get much better or more varied than above, I want to keep trying. 🙂

Anyway, my life is kinda awesome ’cause: music, love, technology, food, DVDs … totes normal stuff. What more to say? Back to the living! …xoxo…

- Elle Laurel Rose
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  1. Hey, mind listening to a little constructive criticism? If yes then read on. Alright, I like your voice. You got that sexy thing going on, but i really feel like you should work on being more rythmic with it. Also, when you record your voice make sure to add an equalizer to it (If you can) and really lower the high end frequencies, that’ll make your audio sound clear and less hissy. That’s pretty much it. I like your ambition and I hope you push forth in your music career.

    • Hey! Maybe we should chat more to make sure we’re on the same page understanding each other, etc.

      Like, rhythmic voice? Do you mean melodic? Perhaps wait for future songs to be released, as I THINK I vary techniques and that’d give you a better “picture.”

      2. I do put equalizers on tracks to my ear taste but never run any filters through original recordings, though I’m sure you wouldn’t insist on that. When I’m in the mix stage again in a little while I’ll think about what you wrote. I’ve been laying things down for a while but slowed down by life unfortunately. Not in the mix stage for a while, and already a slow worker.

      I kind of think I disagree though, especially about the clarity. In the one track (not additional unedited “samples” of course). It could be sound systems and I have to live with whatever limitations. I can’t use them all.

      3. We might have to define hissy to understand each other. I did play with sibilance up and down, but I needed to keep S sounds to not hear the wrong words sung. I think some is natural and ultimately better than too filtered. I played with that oh, so, so much. Perhaps you mean something else though, in general.

      I do need more practice with EQ, because for one thing I’m especially slow with it. It seems more science and I’m more art. Through my practice I’m actually still earlier in learning that one tool than others. HOWEVER I would never publish something not ready after many test on different sound systems, etc.

      I want to be able to come away with something that makes sense to me, that I will use instead of be all, “hey we disagree on a taste level.” I don’t want to be a full ass about this, hahaha.

      A warning, unless I remove/change this part, early on in my next song I get very un-rythmic for a bit, haha. That might be a part of scratch vocals or even be expanded, depending on how I like it vs. how I like a very different style. Really working this song hard and currently focusing on the background music part (laying it down, not in mix stage, but I lay down, initial mix, and “compose” in one stage/phase).

      I’m not unimaginative but I need concrete proof to be sure of what I make. For example, I hate that I can’t preview tweets because subtle things change and I’m a details person (like my last tweet looks all wrong with the bottom of the photo cut off but I can’t control everything, only wish I could). So, musically, I couldn’t just compose on a guitar or keyboards, no, I needed the whole sound falling together and I prefer more electro and pop than an instrument-based process. Got started on the music-making that was right for me (after a lot of time on trying the wrong-for-me but more traditional things) later than I could have because I didn’t know what was already available to the public. Now I gleefully take advantage of all the tools my way and I can finally make full songs, albeit slowly but I just have to be me. I need all the sounds coming together as I want them from moment 1, apparently different from most people. Agh, after all that I still don’t think it makes sense. I’m really tired and going loopy. :\ (And I think I need to tweak the CSS on this reply box.)

      Anyway I was trying to say yeah I compose that way only in my DAW for that reason but I ended up babbling because I haven’t been able to get much sleep (and I am happy to have a comment, wanted to give it attention, but gave too much, ha. On a day when I was rudely awoken too early but I gladly caught the comment not late after publish, and it’s actually butterfly affected by the angry sleepiness! So that’s good).

      Which, yes, is absolutely unrelated to your feedback, which was mostly for mixing and also recording performance.

      I’ll try to absorb this better in some time, hah. I’ll review it in the right time/work periods, unless my bad memory wrecks that. I’d practice on the old project but that’s pandora’s box, my friend. I cannot ever go there.

      As for the ambition, I was HYPER ambitious for a while until this past Spring, now I’m a huge mix of a lot of things. Partially YouTube-related, because if YT covers are “what it takes” then I’m leaning more toward the LOVE motivation. Because fuck that. Took two months to see if I could survive that tactic and HELL NO, I won’t do it and can’t do the soulless choices part and the speed. Art burn and pissy.

      Then for a health reason I haven’t been on social media once and didn’t know how to announce that. First step in my comments section? Better than the nothing it’s been? Not going to be so public for a while but I’m working on music…..

      But I am also changing art things, like my EP I’d planned, I’m going a different way. Because I am different. One side effect of preferring to go with a slow work process to ensure I’m happy with the work (I changed halfway through).

      And when I worry a lot about announcing these things in a blog post, or constructing a tweet even (so anxious oddly enough, unless I’m damn sure of what to tweet) or finally quitting stupid mobile app network(s), I usually go work on my next song instead, and I usually feel better about that/myself for it. Not always of course. Hah.

      After this health thing has passed I still have the YT cover hate so I won’t be able to prepare a business plan I can feel sure of, but I’ll at least work on music and put myself out there (again) for the music. (YT covers wouldn’t be my music and that’s fine for fast folks or people who prefer a different sound or genres, because they can fit it all in.)

      Sorry I’m sort of using my reply as an update no one will see, lolol. Probably feeling more “fuck everything because I do what I feel like” than usual, in my cranky tiredness from this morning. I’m not putting that toward your advice because I care, however I’m still not sure how much I’d ended agreeing. Taste preference level is all. Unless it’s more in sound systems, and ack! Can’t right now help it. I always do my best to monitor/listen “around”/can’t explain right now, or even nap (new neighbor dog barks so often) as per web article advice, and did buy equipment higher priced than I could afford. Que sera sera.

      Oh god I wish I COULD nap anymore.

      Thanks for commenting!

      And yeah I’ll review your feedback again when I’m more energized and working on the respective aspects. Plus focused instead of a loopy wreck. Obviously. 🙂

      (OK terrible message, go with god, forgive me, haha.)

  2. (I can’t spam-reply you on my _own_ blog, right?)

    Since I’m so tired it took me a while to think of this. What you hear in the low-rhythmic aspect, I think, was the attitude I felt matched the song, coming out in my performance. So it was there, I liked it for the mood, but that’s not my general style anyway. 🙂 That’s (at least) one song and it’s attitude though, not all my (future) songs. 🙂

    It extended for me to the background music choice. I usually enjoy working on, and listening to, different, dancier, livelier but dark music. Not happy-go-lucky EVER but dancey, boomy beats or whatnot. That did not work with this song.

    A side story; when I work(ed) on ballad(s) I just want to switch to my dance-poppier WIP, haha. Motivation while working on a ballad drops, unless I have a headache, haha (oh those boomy beats I usually love). This song was a happy medium for me while I had felt stuck with something else (in my SoundCloud) and it just fell together in a way I liked. If I didn’t like it, it would sound different. I still want to push myself to consider your feedback you took the time to send. 🙂

    But for the future I’m currently (and have been) even more excited working on more hip-hop-influenced things. Not the tempo of today’s EDM pop bangers but still electro dance pop. Ooh, makes me want to go open my DAW even though I’m so wrecked tired. I think I can do a little with it and enjoy the beats haha.

    Eventually I’ll have “my sounds” more nailed down, for better or for rut. LOL. JK?

    Oh and if you were responding to all my casual SoundCloud samples (regarding the vocal “rhythm”) then I’d have to reflect more and perhaps chat with you, to ensure we understand each other. What I know is I have a lot still unshared of my voice, but time will rectify that.

    So yeah, I’ll keep in mind that there’s a vote out there for a different vocal style, if the question comes to me. 🙂 (That’s a side from EQ and such, not currently responding to that part too.)