New-Gear Drama

When I knew I was done (e)composing this-song-o-mine, had some mixing in, and was thinking about seriously finishing up / ensuring all was great – (reading/watching) technical insider blah-blah-chat… made me sure it was time to order some “proper” speakers called studio monitors.

Keep Calm You've Got Rythm and Music

I and many others would think that getting and spending the money might be the tough part for many tiny musos, but apparently my real gear drama started after the first shipment (yep, first shipment…) arrived.

FML #1

After actually reading the, fucking extremely neurotic, manual; I was nervous to get started hooking these up and testing ’em out. Perhaps I should have read more into problems these otherwise well-rated speakers tend to have. All the tender, precise setup steps in the world couldn’t have helped, because one of ’em just plain had a DOA woofer. From moment one, it mostly output a deep, awful buzzing sound.

M-audio Manual

FML #1.5

Amazon made it really difficult for me in step number tw- well, 1 ½. I had ordered from their marketplace and couldn’t figure out how to contact the seller with a problem. Amazon staff and their target market must dislike directly dealing with humans (usually true for me) but their webform solution was not working for us here in this home, either.

Luckily the seller emailed directly asking how everything was, and later arranged a replacement shipment. We didn’t even need to print our own label (it takes us a long time to unpack after a move, and a printer setup is one thing that’s not sorted yet).

FML #2

That moment … you check the tracking page the night after you expect your delivery and see “shipped” to “front door.” … Nooooooooo?

After searching outside our building, my boo inspected another portion of our apartment complex. We were really lucky our-main-door-key can apparently access other buildings (lucky that day, otherwise so far neutral) and a neighbor hadn’t taken the package in. What did not feel so lucky was that my boo had to schlep the heavy box through two heavy doors and along an outdoor path on a chilly October night. Thanks UPS.

Not Our Address

“What can Brown do for you?” Force you to strength train (which might help in case they) / give you a heart attack from worry.

Also, clearly we didn’t have to sign for that package or the first, which can be convenient, but compare the $$$ scenarios (the first was left outside on the patio) to the $ cable to-computer hookup I did sign for. #sense

And now…

Keep Calm Work On Music Bitch

The speakers sound fine, and they’re so far very workable, but I know they’re not perfect and *technical-mumble-$$$$+* would be ideal. Well, of course, but this is real life – my real life – and I just have to live, go, work, do.

Now I happen to be heavily over-paranoid about these. C’est la vie, just live on and music on… I do now have a completely different model in mind for the future (aside from upper end pipe dreamin’) for if/when these croak while this is still my price range…

“And we’ll all float on OK*” . . .

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