New site design, music sample, photos + more soon

Yes, as promised I’ve been work-work-bitch-workin’! But without further ado… First, about the most important, but less visually obvious, music!

New: New Music!

Update: the rough snippet was removed and the finished track below!

Doodle Arrow by Elle Rose

→ It’s also over there for a while. 😉

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(& before/optionally, a tester track for those who like giving feedback):

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New: Website Design!

Old | New

Old Layout Screenshot → Current Layout Screenshot - Because it just looks better in the post this way ;)

I wanted to save, for posterity, my favorite part of the old artwork that still had to go:

Old Art PunkRock inspired graphic Elle L Rose

New: Photos

Gallery Preview

New gallery I’ve been saving up, with a few pictures totally unshared.


I obviously have more to release, in different mediums, and very soon I’ll start uploading more lyrics.

Knead Moar

This blog returns…

…With a greater frequency than before. I started this web presence (domain grab, FTW) just sort of floating and then wanted to focus on working in my DAW much more than blogging or anything else. I’m now wrapping up the mix of the above track though and I’m ready to get more “out there.” 😀 Wut-wuuut!!

See you again soon!

- Elle Laurel Rose

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