Improved Sample & Lyrics for my Coming-Soon Song

Update: now listen to the finished track!

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After posting my last sample blissfully, just a tad too blissfully unaware of a small issue, I shortly noticed I needed to improve a portion. Instead of quickly preparing a basic replacement, I got to work on nearly finishing the mix, plus other prep. 🙂

some lyrics "Shake Yah Business" song textHow I let a couple of “matching” lines not match each other in volume, I don’t know, other than excitement and pushing myself to get all that stuff up. I heard the flaw soon after and “fixed the levels” but then worked on so much more. 😀

I didn’t just spruce up a new and slightly longer sample quicker because I want to get all the DAW time in I can. This finished track is my #1 priority for now. Now with my “proper” studio speakers, I’ve been working on the mix of the song as a whole. That did mean cleaning up a few things, thanks speakers! But I’m getting close to finishing. 🙂

Oh and oy, the hectic holidays… amirite?? I didn’t even think about prepping another blog post recently. I’ll try to soon amidst a whole excited frenzy of other work and holiday lights. 🙂 See you around this Internet town! 😉

- Elle Laurel Rose

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