New Intro to my WIP & Newsletter Bug Fixed

Don’t worry, in these past months I’ve worked on (much) more music than these several bars. Haha. (In addition to apartment hunting, moving [twice], unpacking, making due in a temporary small space with less stuff, and more. So nwah to even my own brain goin’ 0-O at me.)

I promised a new teaser with the “enhanced,” (down) mood-setting, unfolding layers of the intro; plus I do want a more accurate snippet out than what’s been up. After playing with a somewhat longer intro, I cut it even shorter than the original, but kept it true to myself and still longer than the modern trend. 🙂

Time was never wasted with big efforts on the “cutting room” floor because I’m still learning a lot about all the computer music stuff; software and beyond. Eventually I’ll probably even be un-slow (but not too fast, of course). 🙂

Without further ado…

Snippet: New Intro to “One of My Ways”

And of course that’s not all “she” wrote, or that’s down on tape (woot) … but I have additional small news:

Bug Fix alert! Story short…

After confirming my “newsletter signup” plugin functioned, I later went on to break it without knowing. *wanh wanh* I finally decided to give it a “routine” checkup and big fail! All fixed now though! So if you happened to have trouble attempting signup before or just think you’d like to ensure early notification of my finished first song (and hopefully more) please sign up! (I hate spam!!!)


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- Elle Laurel Rose

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