This Free Mp3 Could Save your Life, YOUR LIFE

Your whole mother-fucking life!

Of course, it’s Tangerine Kitty – Dumb Ways to Die. You’ve probably heard the song and seen the video, maybe a lot, but did you get your free download yet?

Dumb Ways to Die[Sarcasm alert:] Download this and load it on your iPhone or other portable idiot machine. Ensure you listen, a lot, before you visit the subway or any train, bitches, morons, YOLOing wanderlusters, morons.
[/end saracasm]
Also, it’s fun and the audio is a heck of a lot less violent than the video [below] and, ack, that gory Tumblr.

And, yes, the track is available for free download! Because it’s a PSA, by angels, no less. Download or die. (Oops, more sarcasm?) Available on SoundCloud.

- Elle Laurel Rose
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