Hello world, or few. Pleased to meet you.

Welcome to my new site. 🙂 It’s part personal blog, part future-my-music-home, part other-music blog and part style; but also with tech, visual art and (non-song) writing bits. That’s kind of a lot because, since it’s to be music, it’s about me as an artist and figure.

I hope you’ll find it helpful and/or entertaining and aurally pleasing. (And not sucky non-art, but funny and effort-filled.)

Read about me here (I know I need to update my silly stub of a bio soon, but I enjoy the silly and the mystery?) and read some posts I’ve “laid down” ready and waiting for you.

Fun fact: The title of this intro is taken from some lyrics I’ve been working on (for later publishing). It’s just a minor part (as in not from the chorus, etc.) of the to-be song about names, the patriarchy, romance and such. 🙂

- Elle Laurel Rose

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